This is what MVPM is doing for last more than 94 years. This is the aim and objective of our MVPM to bring out our community and each and every Maheshwari individual from lack of education to abundance of knowledge, and to provide all possible help and support to achieve this

PRAVEENYA means to acquire proficiency in any field of knowledge or skill. Here at MVPM we celebrate PRAVEENYA of our students every year,who have achieved excellence in respective field of academic career. The extraordinary success of our students needs to be appreciated and recognised and put forward to community. They are torch bearers and role models for fellow students. Their success gives inspiration to everyone. Praveenya is all about appreciation,encouragement and inspiration.

This Praveenya contains update information about MVPM Maheshwari scholar award program,all other activities of MVPM,upcoming projects undertaken by MVPM,views and guidance shared by experts on present day education system.

We highly appreciate the generosity of award sponsorors for contributing funds for this unique initiative of MVPM

It gives us great pleasure to present you the copy of Praveenya, hoping that you will find it informative and readable.