Dear Fellow Maheshwaris,

It is a matter of immense pride, that year after year, the Maheshwari community students are putting up an overwhelming performance in various Education segments. This is evident from the increasing number of applications for Maheshwari Scholars Award. Our scholars continue to grow in quantity and quality. This is in line with the significant contribution our small community makes in all walks of life be it social, industry, business, culture or education.

Only this year we had over 200 scholars in advance studies applying for the award. 90 of them stepped up to the next level and finally 36 applicants interacted with the Jury board. The jury board has selected the top scholars from them, and we will soon have the privilege to honour these bests among us.

What is also very heartening to note is the surge in numbers of UPSC, Overseas & female applicants, which is truly indicative of the overall improving performance of Maheshwari scholars.

MVPM is a one stop shop for Quality educare for deserving students.

As followers of " Sanatan Dharma" we need to give back to the society, having received so much from it . It is our endeavour to do our best to ensure that Scholars of our community are able to surmount all barriers and reach the top. In line with this, our ancestors forged an adequate network of support services which could breed exemplary performers and achievers. Our present generation and the generations to come, have a responsibility to continually upgrade this support system, as the world changes. This we need to do with unflinching adherence to the high value standards set by Maheshwari community. In a world which will is being ruled by knowledge, what can be more important than to encourage, breed & nurture our scholars.

It is also an earnest plea to our current and future scholars to stay connected with MVPM. With their support, we will be only able to have more like them.

With an honest effort, let us ensure that through our growing numbers of Maheshwari scholars , we not only contribute our bit for Nation building but also help our country retain its position of a World Guru.

Shrigopal Kabra,
Scholar Committee Chairman